S. Sai Sandhiya, Dr. P. Sivakumar


The present Study is an attempt to construct and validate a tool for assessing the virtual learning environment of teachers in different dimensions which include effectiveness of internet usage, availability of online education resources, interest of learning through online technology, interaction through online media and accessibility of internet. A pilot   study among 100 teachers including 50 male and 50 female teachers from various schools was conducted in Namakkal District to establish reliability and validity of the tool. The Mean, Median and S.D value of the tool are 236.43, 239.39and 6.68 respectively. The distribution seems to be slightly positively skewed. Content validity was established by getting opinions of the experts and scholars in the field of education. Percentile norms of the tool was also planned well to appraise the Scores of Virtual Learning Environment Scale. The tool contains 50 items including 35 positive items and 15 negative items.  The minimum score of the scale  is 50 and maximum score is 250.


Virtual Learning environment – teachers – development of tool

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