Ishtiyak Jafar, P. Satyanarayana


Type II diabetes mellitus (DM-2) or (Non–insulin-Dependent diabetes) is an endocrinological disease associated with hyperglycemia
characterized by both insulin resistance and defective insulin secretion. Macro minerals (calcium, magnesium) play an important role in
intermediary metabolism and cellular function, including enzyme activities and electrical gradients. Disturbances in the levels of macro minerals
were found to be associated with diabetes mellitus. This study was conducted in 100 subjects, out of which 50 were type II diabetes mellitus patients
(case) and 50 were non-diabetic healthy subjects (controls)
Ÿ · Serum was used for the analysis of serum magnesium and calcium.
Ÿ · Plasma was used for the estimation of blood glucose.
Out of 50 type II diabetic patients, with 34(68%) male and 16(32%) female, it was found that there is decreases level of serum magnesium and
calcium in cases as compared to controls.
The study reveals that there is a significant low level of serum magnesium and calcium in type II diabetic patients which may be an important factor
in early onset of the disease in susceptible individuals.


calcium, magnesium, type II diabetes mellitus.

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