Nakul Pahwa, Suniti Kumar Saha


 Background:  Embryonal tumors  comprise a group of aggressive, poorly differentiated tumors occurring in central nervous system. Primary cerebellopontine angle (CPA) embryonal tumor is an extremely rare entity. It is important to have knowledge of this pathology and to be able to differentiate it from other commonly occurring CPA tumors, such as vestibular and trigeminal schwannomas. This distinction is essential because of the difference in the overall treatment plan and prognosis.

Case Description: This report describes a case of 4 year old girl who presented with headache and vomiting to our department. MRI findings suggested medulloblastoma and patient underwent surgery. Histopathology confirmed our diagnosis.

Conclusion: We discuss the importance of detecting this rare entity and distinguishing it from commonly occurring tumors in the CP angle region.


Cerebellopontine angle, embryonal, medulloblastoma, tumor, rare

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