Putu Yuliawati, Henry Santosa Sungkono, AAA Sukartini Djelantik, Ni Made Laksmi Utari, Ari Andayani, I Putu Budhiastra


Introduction and Objectives: Intraocular leiomyomas are rare benign smooth-muscle tumors of the uveal and usually found at a young age and women. From clinical and imaging perspectives, leiomyoma can closely simulate choroidal melanoma. Both can appear as a dome-shaped, non-pigmented, smooth-surfaced, solid vascular mass originating in the uvea. This case report purposed to discuss a clinical sign of intraocular leiomyoma at Sanglah hospital.

Case Presentation: The case report, 37 years old male, complained of blurred vision in the left eye since four months ago until finally can not see. Patient also see such a small lump on his left viewing eyes that gradually enlarge. The patient was diagnosed with an intraocular tumor suspect choroidal melanoma dd/iris melanoma with MRI imaging result with contrast, from Ophthalmic USG, we found retinal detachment. Enucleation was performed and bulb specimens were sent to anatomical pathology for examination with result show morphological features of benign spindle cell neoplasm dd/fibroma, leiomyoma

Conclusion: Incompatibility of PA results with clinical examination and MRI imaging examination in this case may be due to clinical and similar imaging features. The enucleation is performed as therapy and specimens are examined under a microscope, the prognosis of the action is said to be good, in the absence of a post-action recurrence report.


Choroidal Melanoma, Leiomyoma, biopsi, benign spindle cell neoplasm

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