Tushar Rathod, Abhina Jogani


We retrospectively analysed 148 patients with intertrochanteric femoral fracture treated using either the dynamic hip screw or the proximal femoral nail & compared functional and radiological outcome.Patients with PFN(n = 74) had recovered their pre-operative walking ability significantly(p < 0.05) more frequently at the six-month analysis than those with DHS(n = 74).Peri-operative or immediate post-operative parameters did not vary between groups.Functional outcome was analysed using Harris Hip Score and radiological findings were compared at 3, 6, and 12 months postoperatively.The DHS permitted a significantly larger compression at the fracture site during the follow-up evaluations, but union at the fracture site was comparable between the two groups.3 major failure of reduction were reported in each group, resulting in a total of 6 revision operations.We can conclude from our study that the PFN results in sooner postoperative recovery of walking ability as compared to DHS in short-term.


Intertrochanteric Fractures, Dynamic Hip Screw, Proximal Femoral Nail

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