K. Gunasekhar, Dr. K. Ramakrishnaiah


Profit refers to the total income earned by an enterprise during the specific period of time. Ability refers to the earning power or operating performance of the concern in its investment. The compound term profitability refers to the operating efficiency of the enterprise. Profitability is the profit making ability which can be considered as an important factor for perpetual existence of firms. Profitability also maximizes the values of stakeholders as well as investors. Any business enterprise can discharge its obligations to various segments of the society only through earning profit. In this research paper the researcher made an attempt to present the analysis on profitability of select sample venture capital institutions of India and those of abroad operating in India. Profitability ratios considered for the purpose of analysis are earnings before interest and tax to capital employed, profit after tax to shareholders fund and earnings per share.


Profit, Profitability, Venture Capital

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