Veena L B, Mahendra Kumar S


Dadasaheb Dr. B.R Ambedkar was among the most excellent intellectuals of India in the 20th century.His one of the multidimensional personalities having great noteworthy contribution in economics is significant. His gives some economics thoughts “Small Holdings in India and Their Remedies: Ambedkar wrote in “Small Holdings in India and Their Remedies” in 1918, Ambedkar considered the problem of small landholdings in India and their fragmentation. Ambedkar argued that the real challenge lay in raising the stock of capital and that will be possible only if there is greater savings in the economy. was internal stability and he was convinced that only an automatic system based on gold standard with gold currency could achieve this desirable end. Further on, he says immediate efforts to rectify the inequalities in the general system of taxation. Thus Ambedkar thought on public Finance and agriculture has vital relevance and still applicable as positive solution for current economic problems in India.


Dr. B.R. Ambhedkar, philosopher, social reformer, ECONOMICS

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