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Modernization process took place on Art Education in India was a continuation of similar processes took place in various venues all over the world, beginning from the Florentine School which supported many major artists like Michelangelo. There is a straight clear path definable from 15th century developments through Salon de Refuses in Paris, and establishments of various schools all over the World to modern developments in India. In India British promoted art production in the lines of their tastes and educated Indian Artists productions to suits their tastes. In the past there was several developments lead promotion of an art education system which has roots with Bauhaus school of Europe. Starting from initiation of Kalabhavana by Tagore, also we fell in to the line of progress. It requires special care to keep the attitude of modernization while evaluating all different affecting faculties including changes in our walks of lives.


Modernization, Florence School, Salon de Refuses, Luvre, Bauhaus, Colonial Period, E B Havell, Tagore, Stella Karmrisch, N S Bendre, College of Fine Arts, Cholamandhalam, Aesthetics.

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