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Agriculture was the main occupation of the Tamils and that was compelled them to assign greater veneration to that profession. Agriculture was a prime need of the people for having their food stuffs. Agriculture was the back-bone of the Indian Economy; it has been highly honored and respected by the common people of TamilNadu State. Tirunelveli District was not an exception. Most of the people of this region directly or indirectly depended upon agriculture.     Majority of the people lived in a rustic life in the villages. The cultivation of paddy and vegetables being principal items of food of the people of this region, compelled to engage themselves in Agriculture operations. That also compels one to have a portrayal of the agriculture and agriculturists of the Tamil country during the period mentioned earlier. This papers gives explanations about the glory of Tirunelveli District, land, soil and season of Tirunelveli District. And also this paper pointed out the elucidation on Agricultural implements, Ploughing, Irrigational System, Rivers, Tanks, Peasant community, Profesionals and Labourers and Taxation in Tirunelveli District.


Agriculture, Tirunelveli, Agriculturists

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