Dr. Abhishek Sharma, Dr. Nitin Bansal, Dr. Alok Kumar



T2DM and its link with inflammation has been researched in recent times. There is also evidence of interaction between glucose homeostasis and iron metabolism. Some studies show that serum ferritin, an acute phase reactant and indicator of body iron stores, is associated with glucose intolerance, T2DM as well as micro and macro vascular complications of diabetes. This study was carried out to evaluate the relationship between serum ferritin and glycemic status in diabetic patients.

Materials and Methods

100 individuals with type 2 diabetes (M: F=48:52, mean age 56.08 ± 9.52 years, BMI 24.85 ± 4.03 kg/m2), who visited a tertiary care hospital, and 100 age and gender matched controls were included. Exclusion criteria included the factors affecting serum ferritin levels like anaemia, chronic liver or kidney disease. Serum ferritin, HbA1c, FBS, PPBS were measured.


The mean Serum ferritin was significantly higher (p<0.01) (189.61 ± 156.99 ng/ml) in diabetic patients when compared to controls (88.74 ± 47.28 ng/ml). Serum ferritin had a positive correlation with HbA1c (r=0.85), FBS (r=0.91) and PPBS (r=0.77). Serum ferritin was significantly related to diabetes duration (p<0.05).


Diabetics have elevated ferritin levels which correlate with their glycemic status (HbA1c, FBS, PPBS). It may thus be used as a marker for glycemic control in diabetes.


Diabetes Mellitus, Ferritin, HbA1c, Inflammation, Iron

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