Bijendra Shah, Raj Kishor Sah, Rupesh Sonam


Ayurveda is a science where a medical and surgical procedure are described a years back. Agnikarma is the one of minor surgical procedure in Ayurveda which is done by the application of Agni, heat. Masaka is painless, hard black eruption on the skin. It can be compared with mole in modern science. In the case patient of 24 years male came with complain of mass in forehead. Mass was diagnosed with mashaka (mole) on clinical basis. Agnikarma was done for the mass. After 2 week lesion was healed up with no any complain of bleeding, infection of wound, pain and scar. Since there is no chance of reoccurrence, Agni karma is the best methods of the treatment of Mashaka (mole).


Ayurveda, Agnikarma, Mashaka, Mole.

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