Lanalyn Thangkhiew, Benjamin Nongrum, Wanslempor Kshiar, Julie Birdie Wahlang, Arky Jane Langstieh, Melambha Surong


Glaucoma is the cause for 8.0% cases of preventable blindness cases as per lancet report of 2017. The disease is divided primarily into primary and secondary types, of which the commonest being primary with no exact etiology. Despite availability of more efficacious glaucoma medications with few side effects and findings of clinical trials underscoring the importance of intraocular pressure reduction in POAG patients, many patients with POAG continue to go untreated. Retrospective observational study where consecutive cases of Glaucoma treated at the department of Ophthalmology from January 2014 to December 2018 were analyzed for demographic profiles, diagnosis on type of glaucoma, treatment with Timolol alone or in combination. The most common diagnosis was Primary Open Angle Glaucoma found in 123 patients. Drug treatment with Timolol alone accounted for 59 cases (11.21 %) of the total cases treated for glaucoma. To promote patient adherence, Timolol is also used in combination with other drugs to lower intraocular tension.


Glaucoma, Blindness, Timolol, Efficacy

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