Dr Virendra Saoji, Dr Shelly


Context: Background: Skin diseases are common in children, the incidence being 23% all over the world. The pattern of skin disease is a consequence of poor hygiene, illiteracy in many parts of India. The evaluation for skin disorders is an important component of primary health care practice for all.

Aim: To study the clinical spectrum of dermatosis in paediatric population in tertiary care  hospital

Methods and Material: A total of 273 children were included in the study from central india. All the patients were subjected to detailed history taking and meticulous examination as per the proforma after getting the informed consent. The clinical manifestations in relation to pediatric dermatoses were recorded. The data obtained were subjected to descriptive analysis using SPSS software.

Statistical analysis used: Chi square test

Results: Out of the 273 patients observed, 152 (55.6%) were males and 121 (44.4%) females. Adolescent group constituted highest percentage (28.2%) followed by toddler which constitutes 21.6% of total pediatric patients. Bacterial infections were the most common infection noted in the study.

Conclusion: The majority of the study population (28.2%) belong to adolescent age group. Of them, Males outnumbered Females. Bacterial infections were the most common infection noted in the study, followed by atopic dermatitis and acne.


Paediatric , Skin Manifestations, Prevalence

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