Dr. P. S. S. Meghana Sri Ravali, Dr. Srikanth Damera, Dr. V. R. Chandrababu Pamidi, Dr. Manoj Kumar Kanta, Dr. Ananth Nag Jakkula


Developmental odontogenic cysts are dentigerous cysts. Generally presented as an unanticipated and asymptomatic unilocular radiolucencies of unerupted, embedded and impacted tooth crowns of posterior mandible. Tooth bearing cyst with rapid growth rate arising from epithelial remnants of the tooth forming organ. Follicular compression by developing tooth causes venous flow obstruction leading to fluid accumulation between unerupted tooth and follicular epithelium. Recent bone regenerative techniques for cystic lesions are established. Hence, we here present a case of most common surgically enucleated dentigerous cyst with novel technique of plasma rich fibrin and bone graft for promoting faster osseous regeneration along with repair of soft and hard tissues post - operatively. This is the first case in literature where a dentigerous cyst is managed surgically with enucleation followed by placement of plasma rich fibrin and bone graft.


Dentigerous cyst, Plasma rich fibrin, bone graft

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