Khojji Humera, Sathiq Ali, Shruthi Bhat, Prabha Adhikari


AIM: To examine caregiver burden among caregivers of hospitalised geriatric patients with palliative care design.

METHODOLOGY: Caregivers of 330 geriatric patients with various chronic end stage diseases. They were assessed using BSFC-s questionnaire.

RESULTS: Majority of caregivers were spouses (26%). Mean age group being 68.2 years. The caregiver burden across the categories was more than 60% across all the questions asked in the BSFC-s questionnaire. Maximum in the caregiver with end stage renal disease (60.3%) and minimum in the caregivers of frail elderly (50.2%).

CONCLUSION: Caregiver burden was common in caregivers of geriatric patients with end stage chronic diseases.  Burden was associated with the caregiver’s report of need for greater help with daily tasks but not with objective measures of the patient’s need for assistance, such as symptoms or functional status, suggesting that burden may be a measure of the caregiver’s ability to adapt to the care giving role.


Caregiver ,geriatric ,palliative care

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