Daili Khuo, S Thoibahenba Singh, T R Kumaragurubaran, Linthoingambi Samjetsabam, Sonia Nahakpam, Zarina Wahab, Laishram Rani Devi


Background: Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is one of the most common complication and patients’ complaints after surgery. Palonosetron, a newer generation of 5- HT antagonist has superior effects in prevention of PONV because of its unique action, longer duration of action and fewer side effects. Our study hypothesised that combination of dexamethasone with palonosetron would be more effective in prevention of PONV than palonosetron alone in pregnant patients undergoing caesarean section

Aim: To compare the effects of palonosetron versus palonosetron combined with dexamethasone in the prevention of PONV following caesarean section.

Methods: 120 patients of ASA II posted for LSCS were enrolled in our study. The patients were grouped randomly into 60 each viz: Group Palonosetron (P) receiving 0.075mg palonosetron and Group palonosetron+dexamethasone (PD) receiving 0.075mg palonosetron and 8mg dexamethasone. The frequency of PONV, complete response, side effects were compared between the groups.

Results: Patients experiencing episodes of PONV in Group P was found to be 15 (9%) as compared to 8  (4.8%) in Group PD. Complete  response between group P and Group PD is 90% versus 96.3% respectively. Both these results when compared were not statistically significant. The occurrence of side effects were comparable between the two groups.

Conclusion: There was no significant difference between palonosetron and combination of palonosetron and dexamethasone in prevention of PONV.


palonosetron, dexamethasone, PONV, caesarean section.

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