Dr. Ranu Rawat, Dr. Manju L.


Background: Nutritional status of children is a by-product of a multitude of socioeconomic factors. Objectives:To study
the impact of socioeconomic factors on nutritional Status of school aged children.
Methods : A Cross sectional Study comprising of 400 school aged children was carried out in an urban slum in Meerut
Results: A significant association was seen between nutritional status of children and educational status of both father
and mother (P< 0.0001 for both) and also the occupation of father(P< 0.0001 ). No significant association was seen
between occupation of mother (P= 0.228) and social class of the family(P=0.107 ).
Conclusion: Socioeconomic factors have an impact on the nutritional status in school aged children.


Nutritional status, School aged children, Socioeconomic factors

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