Dr Mohan kumar, Dr V Rohit Gopinath, Prof Jagannathan Muthukumaran, Dr M. Ananthan, Dr Vivek Shanmugam


Trauma is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in children. Abdominal trauma is the 3 leading cause of trauma
death. Abdominal injuries can have a varied presentation. The first case is a child 8 yrs of age who presented with a
penetrating injury abdomen with an associated colonic perforation .He underwent a laparotomy and primary closure of
nd the colonic perforation. He recovered well and is on follow up. 2 case is a child 2 years of age who came with history of a
gas cylinder falling on him. Xray abdomen done showed evidence of pneumoperitoneum. X ray left leg showed fracture
shaft of tibia. Laparotomy done showed a gastric perforation. A wedge resection with anastomosis was done. POP cast
was applied for the fracture tibia. Child recovered well and is on follow up. 3 rd child was brought with history of having
been hit by a bus. On examination she was found to have an extensive perineal injury with pelvic bone and right neck of
femur fracture. She underwent laparotomy with SPC insertion , perineal reconstruction with external fixator application
of the pelvic fracture. She also underwent a closed reduction and internal fixation of the right neck of femur fracture. After
thorough evaluation she subsequently underwent a colostomy closure with good functional and cosmetic results. These
3 cases are a small sample of the varied presentation that abdominal trauma can have

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