Ejajahmed Ansari, Dhaval Ninama, Hitesh Panchal, Harshal Damor


objective: calcaneum fracture are most common fractures among tarsal bone fracture. We try to study overall operative
outcome of calcaneum fracture.
Material and method: In this study we include 25 male patients with age range of 20 years to 65 years, having
intraarticular calcaneum fracture treated surgically and they are followed for minimum one year postoperatively. we use
two type of fixation method one is percutaneous screw fixation and other is anatomical plate fixation. We observed that
Eleven (44%) patients having fixation with platting, thirteen (52%) patients with percutaneous screw and one (4%)
patients having bilateral intra-articular calcaneus fracture with right sided percutaneous screw fixation and left sided
plate fixation.
Results: Outcomes measured with AOFAS Score and we found Excellent results in 13(52%)patients, Good in 10 (40%)
patients, Fair in 2 (8%) patients with none having poor outcomes.We found 94% excellent to good functional outcome in
our operated patients.
Conclusion: Operative outcomes of intra-articular calcaneus fracture with all modalities of fixation shows better results.

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