Dr Girish Gadekar, Dr Jay Ganatra, Dr Dinesh Vibhute, Dr Abhishek Chaturvedi


Metacaorpophalangeal dislocations are less common than
interphalangeal dislocations.They occur most commonly in
index finger.The fibrocartilagenous plate avulses from its
weakest attachment,the volar aspect of second metacarpal
neck.The flexor tendons and pretendinous band are
displaced ulnarly and lumbrical radially to metacarpal head.
The fibrocartilagenous plate is displaced dorsally over the
metacarpal head,where it becomes wedged between the
base of proximal phalynx and metacarpal head.The lateral
c o l l a t e r a l l i g a m e n t s , w h i c h a re n ow a b n o r m a l l y
d i s p l a c e d , l o c k t h e p h a l a n x i n a b n o r m a l d o r s a l
position.Distally the natatory ligament is situated dorsal to
metacarpal head with volar plate and proximally the
superficial transverse ligament extends across the
metacarpal neck volarly

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