Dr. Anamika Gaharwar, Dr Priyanka Sinha


INTRODUCTION: Nutrient foramen is an opening into the bone shaft which gives passage to nutrient artery. Nutrient
artery is principal source of blood to a long bone during the growing period and early phase of ossification. Nutrient
foramina reflects bone vascularization, thus the knowlwdge of number ,position ,location and direction of these foramina is
useful in orthopaedic surgical procedure,s like joint replacement, fracture repair and vascularised bone grafts.
AIMS & OBJECTIVE- Fibula is most commonly used for bone graft purpses..Ulna being homologous to fibula, the
present study aims to compare ulna and fibula with respect to morphology and topography of diaphysial nutrient
MATERIAL & METHODS.-This study was conducted in Department of Anatomy, GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.
100(50 right &50 left) ulna and fibula were examined for number, position, location and direction of Nutrient Foramen.
Foramina Index was calculated.
RESULT-93%of ulna showed single nutrient foamen ,100% were present on anterior surface with the mean foramina
index of 33.87+3.49 whereas 78% of fibula showed single nutrient foramen,97.5% foramen were present on posterior
surface with mean foramina index of 45.86+4.55.
CONCLUSION-The present study exhibited higher percentage of single nutrient foramen in both ulna and fibula ,also
they were positioned mostly on the flexor surface of middle one third of shaft of both the bnones. Thus ,it was an attempt
to draw a parallel correlation between Ulna and Fibula for use as vascularised bone grafts in orthopaedic and plastic

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