Dr. Sreejith. V. Ravi, Prof. Dr. S. Saravanan


Back ground: It is well known that epilepsy patients have poor sleep quality and excessive daytime somnolence.
Aim: To investigate the prevalence of sleep disturbances in epilepsy patients.
Materials and methods: 100 epilepsy cases and 100 controls were taken into the prospective study .The Epworth
Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) were used to assess EDS and sleep quality.
Results: 83% of PWE had sleep disorders when compared to controls (30%). PWE had significantly higher scores in
global PSQI total scores on comparing with controls (9.78 vs. 4.54).
Conclusion: Reduced sleep quality in PWE in PSQI correlated with EDS of ESS. Age at onset of seizures, and generalised
epilepsy make the PWE statistically more vulnerable to poor sleep quality thereby having therapeutic implications.


sleep, epilepsy, PSQI, ESS

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