Paliwal A, Prasad S


Background: Headache is one of the most common symptom that we come across and interfering with everyday life but
very few well-planned studies have been conducted to know its sociodemographic and clinical profile.
Aims: To study the subtypes of headache and socio-demographic profile in patients suffering from primary headache,
who come in the headache clinic of the department of psychiatry.
Methodology: our study is a descriptive cross-sectional study with 200 sample size. Patients with Headache in
Headache Clinic of the Department of Psychiatry, MGMMC, Indore. Patient aged between 18-65 years, either sex.
Diagnosis of headache was done clinically in accordance with the International Classification of Headache disorders.
Informed consent form, socio-demographic and clinical data sheet, semi-structured headache questionnaire were used
as a tool for assessment of samples.
Results: Among 200 patients, there were 73(36.5%) males and 127 (63.5%) females. The mean age was 33.35 ± 10.7
years. The mean of Total duration of illness of cases was 3.67 ± 5.05 years. Tension type headache was 73.5%, Migraine
was 22% and Mixed headache was 4.5%. Primary headache were more in married(75.5%), hindu religion(68.5%), in
urban community(64.5%), Illiterate(24%) and housewife(56%). Tension-type headache (73.5%) was the most
predominate type of headache.
Conclusion: Primary headache is a major health problem in India which significantly affect the quality of life. It was
more prevalent in the female. The awareness for early diagnosis and preventive medications for primary headache may
play an important role to improve the quality of life.


Tension type headache, Migraine, Sociodemographic profile

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