Dr. Manisha Malviya, Dr. Mehul Trivedi, Dr Pradip K Chourasia


Introduction: There are some evidences on literature correlating Essential Arterial  Hypertension  and Diabetes Mellitus type 2 with oral health / oral  manifestations like occurrence of periodontal severe insertion losses, hyposalivation, microbial changes, healing difficulties, abscesses, hyperplasias, polyps, cheilitis and clefts etc. associated to physiopathology of the diseases or their drug treatments. Considering the necessity of understanding the role dentition plays on welfare and daily life of hypertensive and diabetic people, this study was done around a tertiary medical Institute’s adjoined territory, Urban & Rural health centres aiming to assess the quality of life related to Oral Health Clinical Conditions (OHCC).

Method: Study was designed as a cross sectional analytical study . Information was analysed by using the Microsoft Excel and SPSS 20. A cross sectional analytical study was conducted around a tertiary medical Institute’s adjoined territory, Urban & Rural health centres aiming to assess the quality of life related to Oral Health Clinical Conditions (OHCC). OHRQL evaluation was done through OHIP-14 application on the interview modality. Total of 218 people took part in this study

Results: We did not notice any significant differences on OHCC or OHRQL among the groups of hypertensive, diabetic and hypertensive-diabetic. No significant differences among the groups were noticed concerning OHIP-14. In general, the scores showed a low impact on oral health quality of life

Conclusion: Such results redirect us to public policies in order to make the needful changes .


Oral Health , Diabetics , OHCC , OHIP

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