Dr Rajababu Pakanati, Dr Raghuveer Chakravarthy. G, Dr B Ratta Reddy, Dr S Sasi Kanth Reddy, Dr Mrudhula Kovvuru


Extra abdominal desmoid tumour is a rare entity. It is a locally aggressive tumour despite being histologically benign . To avoid local reccurence it
is important to preoperatively detect the exact localization, extension, infiltration and dissemination of this tumour. We report a case of reccurent
desmoid tumour of thigh which arose in the antero-lateral aspect of left thigh in a 46 years lady. This case is being presented as it's occurrence in
thigh is very rare. The aim of this article is to assess the investigation of choice, modality of treatment, and the importance of adjuvant radiotherapy
in recurrent desmoid tumour.


Desmoid tumour of thigh, Wide surgical excision.

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