Shyam Mohan, Varun V Agarwal, Diganta Borgohain


During intestinal anastomosis, although the single layered technique is supposed to be associated with a lower incidence of leakage, the double layer technique is still widely practiced by many surgeons. We present our study of comparison of the two anastomotic techniques. It is a prospective comparative study carried out in a tertiary health care centre from January 2018 to July 2019. Sixty patients were studied and divided into 2 groups, A and B requiring single and double layer anastomosis respectively comprising of 30 patients in each group. Single layer anastomosis took lesser time, was more cost effective and had faster post operative bowel recovery than double layer technique. No statistical difference was noted in anastmotic leak and other complications, hospital stay and mortality. Considering the simplicity of the single layer intestinal anastomosis technique, it may be reliably incorporated in surgical training & can be recommended as method of choice for intestinal anastomosis in both elective and emergency operations.



intestine, anastomosis, single layer, double layer

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