Dr. Nikita Dilip Patil, Dr. Mala Dixit Baburaj, Dr. Aparna Thakur, Dr. Ruthali Vithal Kamat


AIM: To evaluate the awareness of the significance of probing amongst practicing dentists, practicing interns and subject experts

METHOD: An online questionnaire survey was conducted with the survey participants belonging to the age group of 21-60 years. A total of 120 responses were obtained. 23 questions were asked with 21 closed ended and 2 open ended questions.

RESULTS: On an average, only 6.8% of the responses were found to be accurate. About 76% of the general dentists agreed that they skipped the crucial step of periodontal probing as it was time consuming.

CONCLUSION: Periodontal disease is insidious in nature. Periodontal probing is one of the easiest, valuable diagnostic tools that help identifying disease at its earliest. Unfortunately, probing is often overlooked by the dentists resulting is under estimation of disease. The paper discusses the significance of probing and the common errors while probing.


periodontal probing, periodontitis, periodontal probes,

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Clinical practice of the dental hygienist – Esther M Wilkins


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