Dr Kunal Sharma


Background: The aim of this study was to compare propofol with etomidate- lipuro as an induction agent to evaluate hemodynamic changes during induction of anesthesia in controlled hypertensive patients.

Methods: A prospective randomized double blind study was conducted to evaluate sixty patients with ASA I and II who were randomly allocated into two groups i.e. Group P and Group E. Before anesthesia induction, all patients were premedicated. Anesthesia induction included Group P in which patients received propofol 2mg/kg and Group E in which patients received etomidate 0.3mg/kg. The hemodynamic changes including heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and mean blood pressure were accessed at various time intervals. Any adverse event like pain during injection, myoclonus etc. were noted.

Results: Comparing the two groups it was seen that after induction the heart rate did not change significantly in etomidate group, but in propofol group it decreased significantly compared to the pre-induction value. The fall in blood pressure (SBP, DBP, MAP) after induction in Group-E was less than that seen in Group-P. In etomidate group SBP, DBP and MAP did not change significantly after induction as compared to pre-induction where as SBP, DBP and MAP decreased significantly post-induction in propofol group.

 Conclusion: Incidence of hemodynamic change is significantly lower in group E as compared to Group P hence Etomidate is better than propofol in maintaining the heart rate and blood pressure in controlled hypertensive patients during induction of general anesthesia


Diastolic blood pressure; Systolic blood pressure; Etomidate-lipuro; Propofol

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