Dr. B. Balaji Naik


Introduction: Shingles is a localised distribution, affects individual nerve and its particular dermatome; develops in persons who have been exposed to chicken pox in the past. Various therapeutic modalities are available for this, but only few of them are effective. The present study is aim is to know the clinicoepidemiological study and complications of shingles.

Materials and Methods: Patient details, dermatological lesions presentation, systemic examination findings were all collected in a pre-structured proforma. Patients were advised to undergo routine blood and urine examination, random blood sugar, HIV and specific investigations if required. Patients were followed up every week and observed for complications.

Results: Out of 116, 94 (81.08%) were immunocompetent and 22 (18.9%) immunocompromised patients. Out of 116 cases, 44 (37.9%) were males and remaining 72 (62.06%) were females. Most common clinical presentation was dermatological pain (74.1%) followed by burning sensation (68.9%), rash (45.6%). Post Herpetic Neuralgia (28.4%) is the most common complication observed followed by Sensory loss (24.1%), Ocular complications (19.8%) and secondary infection.

Conclusion: Complications were observed most commonly among Immunocompromised patients, so clinician should treat these patients promptly like treatment of HZV infection and its associated pain, post herpetic neuralgia prevention, supporting treatment until neurological pain resolves .


Shingles, Immunocompromised, Immunocompetent persons

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