Dr. Siddhi Tripathi, Dr. Kanesha Abrol, Dr. Swatantra Agarwal, Dr. Rachna Maheshwari, Dr. Nimra Mehraj, Dr. Ashish Sharma


Objectives: Dental curriculum especially prosthodontics is elaborative, challenging and difficult to conceptualize while co-relating theoretical
and clinical aspects. In this regard, students constitute a stakeholder group that provides unique information concerning effectiveness of the dental
curriculum. Hence, a study was conducted to elicit and compare the differences in perception of the prosthodontic learning environment between
the preclinical and clinical years of under-graduate curriculum and between under-graduate and post-graduate students of prosthodontics in a
dental teaching institute in Moradabad, India.
Methods: A total number of 400 students participated in the study. A sixty-item closed-ended DCLES cross-sectional questionnaire was completed
by the dental graduates (including interns) and post-graduate students. The data obtained was statistically analyzed.
Results: With regard to perception of the prosthodontic learning environment statistically significant differences were found in flexibility,
supportiveness, meaningful experience, organization and breadth of interest between pre-clinical and clinical years of undergraduate students
(p<0.05). When under-graduates and post-graduates were compared, significant differences were found in student to student interaction and
emotional climate.
Conclusion: The study highlighted the areas of strength and weakness from student's perspective within a teaching dental institute. Identification
of these areas can provide prosthodontic dental educators, a road map for quality enhancement, curriculum revision and escalate student's
contentment with the learning environment in dental institution.


Prosthodontics, education, dental, surveys and questionnaires, students

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