Baojin Wang, Rawshan Ara, Xia Li, Qian Ma, Junpeng Du, Xinyue Wang, Xinxin Zhao


Objective: To observe the clinical effect of contraceptive Yasmin after artificial abortion´╝ÄMethods: 300 cases of termination of pregnancy patients were randomly selected in our hospital and randomly divided into a control group and an observation group, 150 cases in each group.The two groups were treated with basic antibiotics treatment. The observation group further treated with Yasmin. The duration of menstruation, menstrual volume, the postoperative outcome of the duration of menstruation, endometrial thickness, contraceptive rate and adverse drug reactions between the two groups were compared. Results: Compared with the control group, the postoperative duration of vaginal bleeding in the observation group was shortened. The amount of bleeding was decreased, the difference was significant (P<0.05). The growth of endometrium in the observation group was better than the control group, which have significant differences between the two groups (P<0.05).The contraceptive rate of the observation group was 100%. Conclusion: After abortion oral Yasmin can effectively reduce the postoperative duration of vaginal bleeding and bleeding volume.It can promote endometrial growth and has a good contraceptive effect and less adverse effect. Oral Yasmin is conducive to the recovery of patients after artificial abortion surgery. Application is worth in clinical.


Yasmin; artificial abortion; effect

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