Stavelin Abhinandithe K, Sahana K S, Nagaranjani C Bhat, Harshitha K L, Preethi R Bhat


Long working hours is a serious and economically devastating illness that has been reached epidemic proportion in both industrialized and
developing countries. Studies reviewed the effects of overtime work on blood pressure and body mass index. Prevalence of RSI (Repetitive strain
injury) and musculoskeletal problems of neck that is SSS (straight spine syndrome) especially among IT professionals has been discussed. The sex
specic relative risk of affective and stress related disorder was calculated as a function of potential exposure to threats and violence, using
conditional cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, fatigue etc. Studies revealed that insufcient sleep may be related to increased risk of
acute myocardial infarction. Poor life style habits may act as a mechanism linking long hours with cardiovascular disorders. Studies revealed that
changing from standard to long hours was associated with increased smoking, higher alcohol consumptions, decreases in physical activity levels
and unhealthy weight gain. Proper time management, lifestyle, exercise programmers, proper sleep are the various strategies for prevention and
treatment of health problems associated with long working hours. In conclusion long working hours appears to be a risk factor on individual health
and the current statistical review says that there is an increasing trend in long working hours.

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