S. N. Ipper, G. K. Kakade


A metal complex of Cu(II) has been synthesized with newly prepared biologically active ligand. This ligand was prepared by the Claisen-Schmidt
condensation method of 2,6-dihydroxy acetophenone and 5-Nitrofurfural. The structure of the complex has been proposed by the analytical data,
conductivity measurement, magnetic moment, electronic absorption spectrum, thermal studies and XRD analysis. Analytical data conrmed 1:2
stoichiometry and the magnetic moment, TG-DTA suggests that Cu(II) complex has octahedral geometry. Presence of coordinated water
molecules in Cu(II) complex is conrmed by TG-DTA studies. The conductivity data show that the complex was non electrolyte. Antimicrobial
activities of complex with selected bacterial strain and fungal strain carried out and the results have been compared with commercial standards. The
metal complex exhibit impressible potent biocidal activity than ligand.


TG-DTA, XRD study, Antimicrobial activities, Physico-chemical property, Magnetic susceptibility and Conductivity

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