Shravan Kumar Verma


Present study has shown variations in the livers specimens studied from routine dissection for first year medical students  and from the  preserved specimens  of museum in the Department of Anatomy ,Saraswati Medical College, Unnao UP The study was conducted on 28 formalin fixed  cadaveric livers .Each liver specimen  was examined in detail for the variations in the fissures lobes . Out of them, 25 showed normal fissures and  without any other  variations  like absence of fissures ,multiple accessory fissures, variations in porta hepatis, while  3 liver showed variations in lobes and fissures. The objective of present study is throwing light on  the variations on liver to the field of medicine especially to the physicians and surgeons


Liver –variations -Hepar – porta hepatis--– Accessory lobe – Fissure

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