Dr. Arshad Parvez, Dr. Mallikarjunappa, Dr .Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Hameed Arafath


Some intra-abdominal structures like SMA,Rt SCA and aberrent vessels may compress the adjacent hollow viscera,may be symptomatic or
incidental imaging findings. These syndromes aetiopathogenesis is doubtful, will have some classical clinical findings.They are median arcuate
ligament syndrome, May-Thurner syndrome, nutcracker syndrome, superior mesenteric artery syndrome, ureteropelvic junction obstruction,
ovarian vein syndrome, and other forms of ureteral compression. MDCT is the imaging modality of choice however interpretation of imaging
findings should be carefully correlated with clinical findings.


MALS- Median arcuate ligament syndrome. SMAS-Superior mesenteric artery syndrome. SCA - Subclavian artery. AMA = Aortomesenteric angle, AMD = Aortomesenteric distance.NCS-nut cracker syndrome

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