Dr. Chethan Sagar S, Dr Veena S


Background: In iron deficiency anemia (IDA), severalchanges in platelets have been reported. Therefore, a relationship between iron metabolism
and thrombopoiesis should be considered. The aim of this study was to evaluate the platelet parameters in women with IDA.
Materials and Methods: Eighty-six women of mean age 38 ± 8 (18-72) years with IDA were enrolled this study. The relationship between serum
iron parameters (such as iron, iron-binding capacity, iron saturation and fenitin) and platelet parameters (such as platelet counts, platelet crit, mean
platelet volume and platelet distribution width) were evaluated by using Pearson correlation test.
Results: Platelet counts were normal in 120 patients with IDA. Thrombocytosis and thrombocytopenia were detected in 48 (27.9%) and 04 (2.3%)
patients. Platelet counts were increased when serum iron, iron saturation, ferritin and mean platelet volume were decreased in this study.There was
a linear relationship between platelet counts and platelet crit (p<0.001) but inverse relationships between platelet counts and both mean platelet
volume and iron saturation (p<0.001, for both). Also there were a linear relationship between platelet distribution width and mean platelet volume
(p<0.001) and an inverse correlation between platelet distribution width and mean corpuscular volume (p<0.001).
Conclusion: In IDA, the most important factor affecting platelet counts was iron saturation. This study suggested that decreased iron saturation
might stimulate megakaryopoiesis. Moreover, iron may have an inhibitor effect on platelet counts.


Platelets, iron deficiency anemia, thrombocytosis

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