Shantanu Arya, Dr. L. N Garg, Ms. Nima Zangmo, Ms. Tashi Wangmo


Introduction: Agenesis of corpus callosum is a rare birth defect that occurs when the band of white matter connecting two cerebral hemispheres in brain fails to develop normally, typically between 12 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the site of lesion and degree of damage to the corpus callosum, different symptoms get evident. Delayed motor and speech development are commonest among children with agenesis of corpus callosum. Other symptoms include vision, hearing, cognition and sensory deficit.

Case Report: The present case study illustrates 11 months old baby boy and 2 years old baby girl with a spoken language disorder in a known case of agenesis of corpus callosum. Detailed speech, language and audiological assessments were done to define child’s level of linguistic functioning and hearing loss.

Aim of Study: To document the nature and characteristics of speech and language development in those individuals with agenesis of corpus callosum.

Conclusion: Although precise condition is unknown, agenesis of corpus callosum is a rare genetic condition that occurs among children and typically affects the speech and language development. Speech Language Pathologist plays a significant role in restoring, adjusting and compensating the development of speech and language in child with agenesis of corpus callosum.



Corpus callosum, Receptive Expressive Emergent Language Scale (REELS), 3-Dimensional Language Acquisition Test (3-DLAT), Reynells Attention Scale, Delayed Speech and Language Development (DSL),

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