Dr. Dhanya Nair, Dr. Pavan Acharya, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhari


Dengue infection is the most common arboviral infection in India. Most of the time, it is a self-limiting benign illness. At times, atypical manifestations can occur in Dengue infection of which cardiac involvement requires high degree of suspicion with timely treatment. It is postulated that; dengue rarely affects the heart. Medical literature has reports of isolated cases of atrioventricular conduction disorders (junctional rhythm and atrioventricular block), supraventricular arrhythmias, and myocarditis. On the other hand, the ventricular dysfunction associated with the acute phase of dengue hemorrhagic fever has been described by several authors and is probably under diagnosed in clinical practice.



Dengue fever, myocarditis, conduction abnormalities

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