Dr. Neelampari R. Parikh, Smit V. Sinojia, Harsh J. Rana, Mansi R. Thakrar, Dr. Sagar B Hirani, Dr. Anuj V. Mansata, Dishita N. Pavagadhi, Shalak B. Relia, Priyam S. Vyas, Manushi V. Patel


Many studies have been done to correlate lip print patterns with sagittal jaw relations. But only a few studies have been done to correlate lip prints with Angle’s molar relations. Hence the aim of our study is to assess the correlation or explore the possible association between different cheiloscopic patterns with permanent molar relationships. 30 randomly selected children aged 14-16 years having all permanent second molars fullyerupted were clinically examined to determine the molar relationships. Lip prints of these subjects were recorded with lipstick-cellophane tape method and analyzed for the lip print patterns as per the classification of Tsuchihashi et al. Results obtained were statistically analyzed using SPSS software version 24. On comparing lip print patterns with malocclusion, patients with Class II malocclusion showed an increased Type I’ (incomplete vertical) lip print pattern, which was statistically significant (p value = 0.012). There was no statistically significant correlation between other classes of malocclusion and lip prints. Lip prints, similar to dermatoglyphics can be used as a predictor of malocclusions in permanent dentitions. Future studies with larger sample size may be required to provide a deeper insight and more significant correlations between lip prints and permanent molar relations.



-Lip prints, cheiloscopic patterns, malocclusion, Angle’s classification, cheiloscopy

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