Dr. Chethan Sagar S, Dr Radha S Angadi, Dr Ramesh Babu K


Back ground: The Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology (BSRTC) stratifies thyroid fine needle aspirations (FNAs) into 6 main
diagnostic categories and conveys uniform language among pathologists and clinicians. It has standardized the diagnostic approach to
cytomorphological criteria and reporting.
Aim: To evaluate the results of FNAC in diagnosis of thyroid lesion using Bethesda system of reporting
Materials and methods: We retrospectively revived one year thyroid FNAs and classified according to BSRTC.
Results: Total 150 thyroid FNAs were reviewed and categorized into diagnostic categories of Bethesda system. Among those 72% belonged to
benign category (Bethesda 2), followed by Non diagnostic (Bethesda 1), 13%, Malignant (Bethesda 6) 6%, Follicular
neoplasm (Bethesda 4) 5% and both Suspicious for malignancy (Bethesda 5) and Atypia of undetermined significance (Bethesda 3) 2% each.
Conclusion: Interpretation of thyroid FNA varies from one laboratory to another resulting
in diagnostic ambiguity in few cases. Application of BSRTC may bring in objective guidelines for reporting thyroid cytopathology.


Bethesda, Cytopathology of thyroid, Fnac thyroid.

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