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Patients suffering from chronic medical illnesses like COPD are reported to have psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety. Though the prevalence of COPD is high in Indian population, there are very few studies regarding the presence of depressive disorders in patients with COPD. Knowing the prevalence of depressive disorders is important in offering holistic treatment for these patients. In this study 131 subjects with chronic respiratory disease were recruited through purposive sampling and was screened using MINI - International Neuropsychiatric Interview Scale. Those diagnosed with depression were further evaluated using HAMD for severity of depression. The results were analyzed using chi square test. Analysis showed that 64.1% of the patients had depressive disorders. Significant higher prevalence of depressive disorder was noted in patients belonging to older age, illiterates and among low socioeconomic Stata. Severity of Depressive disorders increased with duration of illness, number of hospitalizations, use of steroid drugs


COPD, psychiatric morbidity, depression,

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