Vijayta Singh, Mili jain


common hematological manifestations with prevalence ranging from 7to 30% in large series SLE patients and is an independent risk factor for increased mortality. Thrombosis with prevalence >10%  is also a major complication in SLE patients. Aims of this study is to evaluate quantitative and qualitative alterations in platelet parameters in SLE patients.

 Prospective enrollment of 40 newly diagnosed SLE patients was done. Clinical evaluation for thrombotic/ bleeding symptoms along with assessment of platelet count (PC), and aggregation(PA) was done. They were not under any medication that might interfere with platelet function.

 Comparison between cases and controls shows significant alteration in PA in cases compare to age matched controls. PA was decreased in 11 out of 40 patients (p value 0.027) and thrombocytopenia was seen in 5 out of 40 patients (p value 0.544). Follow up SLE patients with thrombocytopenia had increased mortality 3 out of 5 in compare to 5out of 32 total follow up in SLE patients.

We concluded that PA and PC were altered in SLE patients but these alterations had no correlation with thrombotic and bleeding manifestation. However SLE patients with thrombocytopenia presented with worsening of symptoms during follow up.



Systematic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE), Platelet aggregation (PA), Platelet count, clinical manifestations.

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