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Motherhood is a beautiful process whereby the mother safely delivers a child .It is the magic of creation. Care must be given to ensure safe
childbirth. Safe motherhood initiative Perineal trauma can cause considerable distress and discomfort to many women following child birth. Its
severity is frequently under estimated and many women suffer un-necessarily, often in silence. Perineal pain in early post natal period has been
reported as one of the most common causes of maternal morbidity. In the given comparative study lavender oil Vs sitz bath is used over episiotomy
pain and wound healing. The instrument used for the Study was numerical pain rating scale, and REEDA scale, A total of 60 Subjects were selected
for the study as per the inclusion and exclusion of selection of sample 30 of them were allotted to Experimental group(A) with application of
lavender oil and 30 of them were allotted to the experimental Group (B) with sitz bath application .Nature and purpose of study will be explained,
Demographic data was be collected from postnatal mothers. Pre intervention data was obtained from post natal mothers through numerical pain
rating scale and (Davidsons 1974)REEDA scale. The Episiotomy pain and healing of episiotomy wound will be assessed everyday by numerical
pain rating scale and REEDA scale , The Episiotomy pain and healing of episiotomy wound will be assessed everyday by Numerical pain rating
scale and REEDA scale, Application of Sitz bath for the frequency of twice a day for 7 consecutive days to one group and lavender oil 2 drops twice
for 7 days .Post test was obtained three times after 24 hrs.,48hrs, 72 hrs,96 hrs,120hrs, 144hrs and 168 hrs. And the study concluded that lavender
oil is more effective in reducing Episiotomy pain and Improving Episiotomy wound healing and also it effective, no pharmacologic, accessible,


lavender oil, Sitz bath

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