Dr. Priya Natarajan, Dr. P. Shanthini, Dr. Aravinth, Dr. Thangamani



Acute appendicitis is a common gastrointestinal disease affecting 5.7/per 100000 individuals each year with the highest incidence in children and adolescents. The medical profession has gained much experience in managing patients with acute appendicitis ever since Fitz’s first report in 1886. Large heterogeneity exists, however, between existing intercontinental, European and national guidelines regarding diagnosing and managing acute appendicitis. The variation of incidence is due to variations in ethnicity, sex, age, obesity and season of the year. Based upon the entrenched idea that appendicitis is an irreversible progressive disease eventually leading to perforation, removal of the appendix is the gold standard of treatment. For instance, in the Netherlands, pre-operative imaging studies are promoted and considered mandatory in order to prevent negative appendectomies according to national guidelines, whereas in guidelines of other countries, it is not promoted nor considered mandatory. Another example is the inconsistency regarding the management of an unexpected “normal appendix” during diagnostic laparoscopy. Approximately one-third of patients with appendicitis will experience a perforation of their appendix before their appendectomy.We conducted the study in patients who come with right iliac fossa pain and the datas concluded with appendicitis in this study at KAPV government medical college trichy, to concern about to reduce the rate of normal appendicectomy.


       It was a prospective comparative study involving 100 adult patients undergoing surgery for appendicectomy at KAPV government medical college trichy.


       The surgical removal of normal appendix should be reduced based on clinical findings and laboratory results ,according to our  statistics at kapv medical college.



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