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        Haemoptysis is expectoration of blood from the respiratory tract. In patients with mild haemoptysis  it is self limiting.1 Haemoptysis is a life-threatening condition in patients with massive haemoptysis (5%), needs urgent investigations and treatment. Multi–detector computed tomography (MDCT) angiography is a very useful noninvasive imaging modality of haemoptysis. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review on MDCT along with thin-section axial scans and complex reformatted images allows in identifying the underlying cause of haemoptysis, site of bleeding, and vascular anatomy of the respiratory system to localise the bleeding vessel. Treatment options for massive haemoptysis through bronchial artery embolization are summarized. Based on the review of multiple studies, it can be concluded that MDCT Angiography has a major role in diagnosis and management of haemoptysis.


MDCT- Multi detector computed tomography, Haemoptysis, Bronchial artery embolisation.

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