R Tomar, D Bisht, V Goel


The objective of this research was to investigate serotype diversity pattern of dengue virus by using Real Time RT-PCR. A total of 246 clinically suspected cases of Dengue were selected based on WHO 2009 Dengue case classification. Acute phase blood samples were tested for NS1 antigen, IgM and IgG antibody and samples positive by one of the parameters: NS1 Ag and/or IgM Ab/IgG Ab were further subjected to Real time RT-PCR. Of the 246 clinically suspected cases of Dengue, 68 (27.6%) were positive for NS1 Ag and/or IgM Ab/IgG Ab and of these, 30 (44%) samples were positive by Real time RT-PCR. All the 4 Dengue serotypes were found to co-circulate in this region of which 3 cases (10%) were positive for the rare DEN- 4 serotype. Co-circulation of all four dengue serotypes in the studied region emphasises the need of molecular monitoring of circulating DENV serotypes.


Dengue serotypes, DEN-4, Co-circulation, Real Time RT-PCR

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