Rajasree Dhinadhayalan, Lokesh Kumar. T, Vijayalakshmi. K, Prabhu. C. S


MR Spectroscopy identifies various metabolites in the ring enhancing lesions of brain thus enabling it to be widely used and to predict the functional changes of the brain lesion. Prognostic implication are also provided by MRS. The purpose of this review is to observe the intracranial ring enhancing lesions and thus giving a differential diagnosis with advanced MRI techniques, like MR Spectroscopy. Out of all ring enhancing lesions, Tuberculoma is found to be most common and shows a lipid lactate peak in MR Spectroscopy. Hence, MRS is used for better characterisation and accurate diagnosis of the ring enhancing lesions of brain which resemble each other in conventional MRI.


MR Spectroscopy, Ring enhancing lesions, Tuberculoma, Neurocysticercosis, Metabolites.

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