Dr. Sindu Sulekha, Dr. Anil Kumar. B, Dr. Raghu. V, Dr. Srinivas Pavan K Y, Dr. Kirtana A


Purpose: Pseudoexfoliation is thought to affect tear secretion and tear film stability by altering cell morphology in conjunctiva. Aim of this study is to assess abnormalities in tear film in patients with pseudoexfoliation material on iris and lens.

Material & Methodology:  This is a prospective study conducted from September, 2017 for 6 months on patients attending Ophthalmology OPD of CAIMS, Karimnagar. Subjects of study are divided into 2 groups. Group I consists of 50 normal subjects without any PXF material, serving as controls. Group II consists of 50 patients with PXF, atleast in one eye. Patients with known previous ocular surgeries, PXF glaucoma, adnexal abnormalities, other OSDs, those using any topical medications are excluded. Tear film stability is assessed using Schirmer’s II test, TBUT test.

Results: Average Schirmer’s and TBUT in Group I (with no PXF) were 17.4+/-3mm and 12.75+/-0.5s respectively, whereas in Group II (with PXF), they were 10.13+/-0.8mm and 6.9+/-0.7s respectively. The differences are clinically and statistically significant.

Conclusion: Tear film stability is disturbed in Pseudoexfoliation


Pseudoexfoliation, tearfilm, ocular surface disease

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