Ms. Pallavi Sitaram Shelke, Mrs. Pradnya Nilesh Jagtap, Ms. Prajakta Rohidas Tanpure


Anti-denaturation effects of plant extracts in heat treated Egg Albumin and Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), are potential therapeutic parameters for finding anti-inflammatory compounds without the use of animal for preliminary pharmacological screening. Boswellia Serrata [BS] and Aloe Barbadensis [AB] can bring natural compounds with significant anti-arthritic effects. So our aim was to investigate in vitro anti-arthrtic activity of aqueous extract of BS and AB and their combinations by using denaturation of protein methods. The extract at different concentrations was incubated with egg albumin and bovine serum albumin in controlled experimental conditions and subjected to determination of absorbance to assess the anti-inflammatory property. Methotrexate was used as the reference standard drug. The present finding exhibited a concentration dependent inhibition of protein (albumin) denaturation by B. Serrata and A. Barbadensis extracts. The effect of Methotrexate was found to be less than extracts. In conclusion it can be concluded that B. Serrata and A. Barbadensis extracts possessed in vitro anti-arthritic effect against the denaturation of protein and B. Serrata was stronger than A. Barbadensis. Also combination of B. Serrata and A. Barbadensis extracts had potent synergistic effect on inhibition of protein (albumin) denaturation.


Anti- denaturation, Boswellia serrata, Aloe barbadensis, in- vitro Anti- arthritic property.

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