Dr.Madhumita Dhundiraj Kurdukar, Dr. Neeraja Jayant Nitsure, Dr.Gopal Ambadas Pandit


                A 44 years female presented  with nasal obstruction, headache, left nostril bleeding since  8 months. History of difficulty in breathing was present. Clinically a polypoidal mass seen in left nostril at the level of middle turbinate arising from middle meatus. Mass was friable posteriorly and was bleeding on touch.

 CECT showed a large lobulated soft tissue mass of size 4.7 x 3.6 cm in left maxillary sinus with significant deviation and erosion of nasal septum involving turbinates and extending in ethmoid sinus destructing maxillary sinus wall along with mucosal thickening of all sinuses. After necessary base line investigation a biopsy was taken. Biopsy revealed only necrotic material. There after two successive biopsy also showed the only necrotic material.

Owing to inconclusive biopsy report. Complete excision of mass through Caldwell Lucs approach was done and specimen sent for histopathological examination. Specimen was processed in toto and total 61 blocks were prepared. None of the slides from 61 blocks showed evidence of malignancy. Final diagnosis was offered as Infarcted angiectatic inflammatory sinonasal polyp.


Angiectatic , sinonasal polyp, Inflammatory

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